Lizzo Deserves Her Seat at the Table . . . and Y'all Better Let Her Eat

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Absolut

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Absolut

So, I heard some of you have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to my girl Lizzo.

Listen, we can’t have that.

I’ve seen multiple people say that she’s promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and we shouldn’t support her music.

Full stop.

Is that what we’re doing now? Because . . .

We didn’t tell the Overweight Lover Heavy D that we couldn’t find love with him. We didn’t bypass John Candy or Chris Farley movies because their obesity somehow made them less comical. We didn’t leave Big Pun’s CD on the shelf because he was a plump redemption-seeking playa. We didn’t lecture Biggie on his promotion of beef, edible or otherwise. We weren’t worried about Fat Joe leaning back too far and crushing us.

So maybe it’s just fat women we shouldn’t support. But wait . . .

We didn’t tell Bette Middler she couldn’t fly higher than an eagle with that extra weight. We didn’t question whether Rebel Wilson was Pitch Perfect. We didn’t say Melissa MacCarthy was too big to be a bridesmaid. We didn’t tell Chrissy Metz this wasn’t us.

Now that’s peculiar because . . .

Y’all did tell Gabourey Sidibe she couldn’t create her own love scene empire, because who wants to see that, right? And y’all did body shame Monique to the point that she recreated the word fat <phat> to encourage big women to love themselves. And y’all did say Amber Riley was too gleeful in her self-love. And Raven Symone couldn’t see into the future and predict the ridicule she’d face when she packed on a few pounds. And now God forbid a gorgeous, confident, black, and yes fat, woman love herself and encourage y’all to do the same. Nah, we gotta boycott that because . . . BMI, right?

So maybe y’all just hate big black women. We’re only fit to be background noise, the unattractive goofy sidekick that never gets the guy, the mammy with the petticoats but never the sweet-singing Carmen, the one who can sho’nuff season some food but isn’t allowed to have her own flava, the blemish on society that should be thankful we’re allowed to exist so don’t draw any attention to ourselves.

Aht aht! Cut that shit out!!

If y’all can make the Kardashian Klan millionaires several times over when they’ve shaved a collective 30 years off their lives with all the BPA-filled plastic, silicone byproducts, and Botox cocktails they’ve inserted in their bodies, y’all can let Lizzo feel good as hell and inspire others to do the same despite where she falls on the obesity meter. Health is health, right?

Plus, who else can simultaneously play a flute and twerk? Respect her particular brand of Black girl magic. Doing anything other than that makes you look like an intimidated ass hater. Truth hurts, no?

K, thanks.