It Started on the Metro . . .

Ever been eye fucked?

I’m riding the metro home and this fine guy is sitting across from me staring. Not quick looks, but openly staring and licking his thick, full lips. He’s bold as hell and I’m loving it. The car is packed but I can see him staring out the corner of my eye. I’m trying to decide if I should stare back or play cool like I don’t see him.

Fuck it, it’s Tuesday, I’m in.

I turn and stare him straight in the eyes. What the hell have I gotten myself into? This ain’t this dude’s first rodeo and his eyes are making promises that his dick would like to keep. As we stare I feel him mentally bend me over and slide my panties down my legs. I blink and suddenly I feel him push through my thoughts. He strokes me with his eyes and I am held captive by his cerebral caress. I try to shift my gaze but I can’t; I’m too caught up. Anticipation fills me as our locked gazes get more intense and I feel my body start to respond.

The next stop is mine and I nod slightly to indicate that I want him to leave with me. I have to have him. The train comes to a halt and I stand up on shaky legs and quickly walk out as the doors open. I don’t even check to see if he has followed me. Then I feel it, his warm presence walking beside me and I know it’s about to go down. I’m so glad I live less than a block from the station because I don’t think I can wait much longer.

As soon as we cross my doorway, he grabs me and starts kissing me. I undo his pants and he sees I mean business. He reaches up under my skirt and pulls my panties down and I kick them away as he shoves his pants down around his knees. He pushes me up against the wall and picks me up. I wrap my legs around him as I slide him inside me. Perfection. He feels so damn good I almost lose it. He holds me up against the wall and thrust after thrust after thrust I can’t get enough.

After what seems like an eternity and no time at all I hit my peak and scream gibberish as I feel him explode inside of me. Instantly exhausted we slide down onto the floor. I look up at him and see reflected in his eyes a woman who’s been screwed well.

I catch my breath and then say . . .

“Did you remember to take the chicken out to defrost before you left this morning?”

My husband exhales and says: “No, but you just earned yourself dinner out.”