About the Author

Serendipity was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to North Carolina as a teenager so she has the grit of a northerner, but the charm of a southern belle. She knew she had a love for fiction when, at an early age, she discovered her mother’s romance novels and began sneaking to read them.

Turning a passion for reading into a love for the written word, Serendipity’s life has revolved around writing. She began writing short stories in grade school and pursued a degree in English at East Carolina University. She then received a Masters of Arts in English from North Carolina Central University.

In March 2016, Serendipity decided to finish the novel she began in 2008. In August 2016 she released Ember's Flame and it quickly shot to the number one spot on the Amazon African American Erotica chart. Her second novel, Rocking Cheyenne, peaked at number two on the same chart in 2019.

A former college English professor, Serendipity 

When asked why she chose to write erotica, Serendipity said: “In the past, erotica has been thrown a bit of shade; folks act like you can’t talk about sex. Why not? There’s so much negativity in the world. But sex, well sex is fun. My characters are regular people having extraordinary fun. And we all like to have fun, right?” she asked and then she winked her eye.